Individual-Titles Book ASBook000219

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Features of Test Series
  • Total 24 Tests out of which 20 Tests will be bases on Objective pattern and 4 Test will be Based on Subjective Tests.

  • 5 objective and 1 Subjective Test each of 4 Subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

  • No. of Questions in each test Physics, Chemistry and Biology are 30. and no. of questions of Mathematics test will be 50.

  • The pattern of Subjective Test will be very short answwer type, short answer type and long answer type.

  • Details Solution of Test will be provided in order of given personal evaluation after the test.

  • Result of online Objective Test can be viewed immeditely after the test, Result of offline objective Test will be provied 2 days after examination. Result of Subjective test will be provided 10 days after the Test.

  • There will be nagative marking in objective test, +4 will be awarded on every correct answer, -1 will be awareded on every wrong attempt and zero will be given on unattempted questions.