DLP PMT Biology



    ·         Complete syllabus coverage for NEET & AIIMS and School/Board (Class 11th and 12th).

    ·         Topic Wise Books perfectly Suitable for School and PMT Aspirants.

    ·         Complete Study Package of (12 Books).

    ·         Total numbers of Pages in 12 Books are 1860.

    ·         11 Solved and 8100 unsolved Questions.

    ·         Separate Books For Botany and Zoology


    Following are the Names of Books included in the Physics Package.

    1.            Cells.

    2.            Human Health & Disease, Biotechnology (Biotechnology, Demography and Growth Repair & Ageing), Biology in Human Welfare (Animal Husbandry & Agricultural - Chemical Pesticides).

    3.            Plant Anatomy, Modification of Root, Stem & Leaf, Families of Angiosperms, Life cycle of Angiosperms (Capsella) and Medicinal Plants.

    4.            Reproductive System, Genetics and Evolution (Origin of Life & Mutation). 5 Photosynthesis, Respiration, Growth Physiology and Tissues. 6 Protoplasm & Plant Diversity.

    5.            Human Physiology (Digestive system & Absorption, Excretory System, Musculature of Limbs, Body Fluid & Circulation, Nervous System, Sensory Organs and Skeletal Systems.)

    6.            Animal Kingdom, Protozoa to Echinodermata, Phylum- Arthropoda, Mollusca, Echinodermata, Phylum-Chordata,Amphibia, Reptilia, Plasmodium, Earthworm, Coakroach, Frog and Organism.