DLP JEE Physics



    ·         Complete syllabus coverage for IIT JEE and School/Board (Class 11th and 12th).

    ·         Topic Wise Books perfectly Suitable for School and Engineering Aspirants.

    ·         Complete Study Package of (7 Books)

    ·         Total number of Pages in 7 Books are 1329

    ·         913 Solved and 3765 unsolved Questions


    Following are the Names of Books included in the Physics Package.

    1.    Basic Mathematics in Physics & Units & Dimensions

    2.    Error in Measurement, Kinematics, Constrained Motion, Newton Laws of Motion & Friction, Circular Motion & Work and Power & Energy.

    3.    Centre of Mass, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Elasticity and Fluid.

    4.    Heat and Thermodynamics, Oscillations and Waves.

    5.    Electrostatics, Capacitance, Current Electricity, Magnetic effect of current and Magnetism.

    6.    Alternating Current, Electro Magnetic Induction, Geometrical Optics and Wave Optics

    7.    Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics.